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Mastering XML and XSLT

XML is the key to integrating the World's major businesses. In this 3 day course delegates will learn how to define, construct and transform XML documents. The course also presents an overview of Tamino the market leading XML database.

Key Learning Points

At the end of this course a delegate should have a good understanding of:
  • XML Schemas (XSD) and Defintions (DTD)
  • Namespaces
  • Cross referencing documents
  • XPath queries
  • Components of an XML Document
  • How to transform XML Documents with XSLT
  • Managing and Storing XML Documents

Course Structure

During this course the delegates will learn through a series of lectures and practical exercises. Each delegate will construct their own XML schema's and documents and will build Stylesheets to present their data. The course is structured into the following topics:
  • Components of an XML document
  • Designing a document
  • DTD
  • XSD
  • Handling Namespaces
  • Querying a Document
  • XSLT
  • Overview of Tamino

Want to Book?

If you want to book this course or speak to a consultant about how this course might help your business then call now on 01332 831261.

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