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Object Thinking Workshop

Good object oriented systems can only be built by developers who understand objects and can intuitively identify the objects in a system and the things each object must do. CRC (Class, Responsibility, Collaboration) is widely recognised as the best way to convert procedural developers into object thinkers. This three-day workshop, based around an extensive case study, gives delegates the opportunity to engage in object oriented analysis and to experiment with techniques that will help them to think objects. It is suitable for anyone about to become involved in an object-oriented development whether you are a project manager or a hands-on developer. The course is applicable for organisations using any object oriented development language or environment.

Key Learning Points

At the end of this course a delegate should have a good understanding of:
  • How to identify objects in a system.
  • How to identify what each object must do in the system
  • How objects interact to build a system
  • How to identify inheritance structures
  • Good practice in Object Oriented Design
  • The basics of system modelling with UML
  • How to Think Objects!

Course Structure

This course is predominantly case study based with delegates working in small groups to build an object oriented system design. Each case study session is preceded by a short teaching session and followed by a debrief of the exercise. The interactive nature of this course makes it unsuitable for running with more than 12 delegates at a time. The course is structured into the following topics:
  • Modelling and Methodology
  • Finding Classes
  • Defining Object Stereotypes
  • Identifying Responsibilities
  • Identifying Collaborations
  • Building Object Hierarchies
  • Defining Contracts
  • Building Subsystems
  • Modelling with UML

Want to Book?

If you want to book this course or speak to a consultant about how this course might help your business then call now on 01332 831261.

Object Centric Ltd, Rock Lea, Alfreton Road, Derby DE21 5AD
Tel... +44 (0)1332 831261