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Over the last decade Object Centric has provided software development services to major clients across a broad spectrum of industries. By drawing together some of the best freelance developers Object Centric is able to design, manage and deliver your bespoke software requirements. And because we actively promote a high degree of teleworking we are able to keep your costs and ours low.

We pride ourselves in our customer service and in the software that we produce.

Web Development

Object Technology lies at the heart of all serious web based applications. Our team of developers have been involved in some of the highest profile web and eCommerce applications in the country.

If you have surfed the web or purchased goods online you may already have bumped into some of our work. Each year millions of pounds worth of business is done through web applications that Object Centric consultants have helped to deliver.

Object Centric can get involved in your project at any level...
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Technical Architecture
  • Analysis and Design
  • Build and Implementation
  • Testing
  • Documentation and Training
Unlike the average software house we actively promote co-working with your own staff on a project. That means that when the project is implemented you have more than just a software system - you have a set of developers who know how develop excellent systems


Integration is widley acknowledged as the biggest problem facing modern organisations. At Object Centric we understand that to truly benefit from new applications it is vital that rapid reliable integration with your own legacy systems and the systems of your business partners is essential.

We can help you integrate your applications with almost any system on any platform...
  • Relational Databases
    Our Consultants have experience in most leading databases including Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server
  • Application Servers
    We have implemented systems on Websphere, Weblogic, IPlanet, JRun and Tomcat
  • Messaging
    As well as the Java JMS components we are familiar with MQ Series and EntireX
  • XML Databases
    We have worked extensively with Tamino XML database
  • SOAP
    When it comes to talking to your busines partners our SOAP and web service expertise will have you talking the same language
  • Smalltalk / Java Integration
    With expertise in both Smalltalk and Java we can help you to leverage your current Smalltalk systems or even to rewrite them in Java

Got a Project?

If you have a project that you need help with call us today on 01332 831261. You will be amazed at how quickly and cost effectively high quality software can be built.

Object Centric Ltd, Rock Lea, Alfreton Road, Derby DE21 5AD
Tel... +44 (0)1332 831261