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Finding the right people or the right companies to help your business can be time consuming and the results can be to say the least, a bit hit and miss.

Object Centric Resourcing can help you find the right people and the right business partners for your projects.

Staff Search

These days everbody does Java! You might be forgiven for thinking that with so many developers out there to choose from it should be easy to find good Java developers and architects.

Our experience is that although many people know how to program Java code only a few fully understand the powerful object oriented techniques that Java opens up for them. Too many recruitment agencies ask almost irrelevant questions about syntax and specifications - very few analyse a candidates ability to think objects and to apply design patterns correctly

When Object Centric forwards a candiditate to you, you know that they will have been quizzed by one of our expert object consultants not a recruitment agent who has never written a line of code! If you want bargain basement coders then Object Centric is not for you - we believe that high quality object thinkers with proven track records are your best option for successful software development.


"Do what your good at and let others do the same" - it's a simple philosophy. At Object Centric we don't want to rule the world, we just want to develop excellent software and to help others to do the same. But we also know that when you're building software you need a variety of resources and skills to come together...
  • Hardware
  • Middleware
  • Networking
  • Databases
  • Software
At Object Centric we have formed relationships with a number of organisations that can provide you with full solution support for almost all your IT needs

Looking for High Quality Candidates?

If you would like to find out how Object Centric can help you find the right permanent or contract staff call us today on 01332 831261. Getting the best staff will de-risk your projects and ensure your software quality

Object Centric Ltd, Rock Lea, Alfreton Road, Derby DE21 5AD
Tel... +44 (0)1332 831261