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About Object Centric

Since 1996 Object Centric has been specialising in delivering expertise in the field of object oriented software development. Our core skills in Java and Smalltalk are grounded in the real practical experience of delivering high profile projects not just classroom lectures. At Object Centric we believe that it is possible to create high quality software that exceeds business expectations without excessive costs and timescales.

Expertise and Excellence

Expertise and excellence are the two commodities that Object Centric majors in. Software development is a complicated business and its all too easy to compromise quality when the going gets tough. Too many projects fail to deliver on their promises because they lack both expertise and excellence. Object Centric can provide both to make your project a success. See below some of the ways in which we can help your projects.


Object Centric training comes highly acclaimed. Our courses are designed by genuine developers not accademics. Our aim is not just to teach you how to program but how to apply best practice....more


Many organisations don't have the staff to undertake a serious software development. Object Centric can provide the full range of analysis, architecture & sofware design and development services. Working with our strategic partners we can also help you with hardware and infrastructure provisioning. ...more


Sometimes it's good to have someone on hand to pass on advice or get you through a problem. Object Centric can offer strategic consultancy at all phases of a project. Helping you to make the right decisions and equipping your staff to meet their potential ...more


Finding the right staff and the right business partners is a key risk for your project. Let us help you to find the right team. At Object Centric we understand objects and we know that you need staff and business partners who don't just write code but truly understand object oriented software. ...more

Get Help Today

Object Centric has worked with large and small enterprises across many industry sectors and on some of the UK's leading eCommerce and web implementations. To cash in on our expertise and to add little excellence to your project call us today on 01332 831261

Object Centric Ltd, Rock Lea, Alfreton Road, Derby DE21 5AD
Tel... +44 (0)1332 831261