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Developers working with new or unfamiliar technologies can often be paralyzed by the fear of doing something wrong. That's when you need a calm reassuring expert at your side to instill confidence and to pass on some good old fashioned tricks of the trade.

Object Centric consultancy services are flexible arrangements that fit around your requirements. We can work with your own team or with your third party supplier's team to ensure you get the results you want.

Typical consultancy arrangements often involve one or more of the following tasks...
  • Facilitating requirements gathering workshops
  • Delivering bespoke training programs
  • Reviewing and advising on technical architectures
  • Planning and estimating
  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Analysis and design work
  • Code reviews and performance tuning


JAD® style workshops involving users and IT staff are highly effective for rapidly building a clear picture of your business requirements. However if they are not run well or are facilitated with hidden agendas then they can prove expensive and unfruitful.

At Object Centric we have a wealth of experience of facilitating workshops for maximum success. By placing an independent facilitator at the centre of a workshop it allows your own staff to actively contribute in the most effective manner.

By leveraging Object Centric's experience you also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that someone is steering your workshop to its desired goal.


One of the best ways to ensure effective transitioning to new technology is to place an experienced developer to work alongside a novice. Object Centric can provide consultants who will be available to your staff to answer questions and to transfer skills.

Our mentoring methodology is a simple five step process...
  1. We do - you watch
  2. We do - you help
  3. We do together
  4. You do - we help
  5. You do - we watch
Our goal is to produce developers who are not only confident enough to do their work on their own but who can repeat the mentoring process with others!


Object Centric consultancy is just what you need to ensure your web or object technology project has the best chance of meeting its targets on time and to budget.

We have worked with a number of clients on different aspects of their projects from planning to implementation and every stop in between. A consultant can be available as little or as much as you require during the lifetime of your project and beyond

Need some advice?

If you would like to investigate how our consultancy services can make a difference to your projects and your staff then call us today on 01332 831261. You will soon discover the value of having an experienced hand to call on.

Object Centric Ltd, Rock Lea, Alfreton Road, Derby DE21 5AD
Tel... +44 (0)1332 831261